The Boutique Experience

Editing made simple

The Boutique Experience

editing made simple

Spend more time focusing on your passion...taking photos.  When you hire a private photo editor. you don't have to spend hours editing after each session.  Instead, you will have the freedom to book more clients and spend time behind your camera, rather than your computer screen.  If you are looking to grow your business and add more clients, let me help you reach that goal!

Why Outsource Your Editing?

Get Back to What You Love To Do

Improve Your Client Experience

When you outsource your editing you will have a set timeline in which your photos will be edited and back to you.  You will be able to confidently manage your client's expectations about when they will receive their photos and not worry about when you will find the time to get the editing done.  You can focus on all of the little details that make a client happy and I will focus on making sure they get beautiful edits on the stunning photos that you took!

Work/Life Balance

Have you ever had to turn down an offer to go out with friends because you still have too many photos left to be edited from a recent shoot?  Are you missing out on quality time with your family because you are stuck behind the computer screen?  Make that a thing of the past!  When you outsource your editing you can go to your photo shoot, come home and transfer the files to me and then get on with living your life while I do the editing!  Your work life will become more scheduled and the days of missing out on fun times because your client just had to have their photos back ASAP will be gone! 

There are lots of large companies out there that offer photo editing services, so why go with a Boutique Photo Editor?  With the Boutique Experience you get one person (me!) dedicated to making sure that the process is smooth and easy on your end and that you are happy with your results.  Before we get started we will have a quick consultation where we will talk about your editing style and overall brand.  As we work together you will notice that your edits are consistent from catalog to catalog so when a potential client looks at your work they know what they are going to get.  You will have a set turnaround time on your photos and you will know exactly when they will be coming back to you.  If at any point you have questions or concerns you can reach out directly to me and I will be happy to put your mind at ease.  You, as the photographer, work hard to please your clients and give them the best experience possible and  I, as the editor, will do the same for you!

The Boutique Experience

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Book a Consultation

Have questions?  Want to know more?  Let's talk!  Through a quick consultation we can get to know each other and find out if we are a good fit.

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Free Trial Run

Outsourcing sounds like a such a relief; you're ready ease your editing burden but you're not 100% comfortable jumping in head first.  I totally understand!  Let me edit a gallery of up to 100 images for you!  You can experience the process firsthand and see how easy your life can be!

Book your trial catalog

Get Started

You've made the decision and you are ready to move forward with reclaiming your time.  Great, I can't wait to work with you!

start on boarding

who are your clients?

I work with wedding and portrait photographers that prefer edits in a light and airy style.

what is your turnaround time?

I guarantee a turnaround time of 3-5 business.  It is always my goal to provide the best client experience possible so I will work to exceed expectations whenever I can.

do you have a portfolio I can view?

The job of a photo editor is to match each photographer's unique personal style and brand.  Rather than offering a portfolio which will show my personal style, I offer a free trial run where I will edit a catalog of up to 100 images for you.

what edits are included in your service?

Preset application, cropping and straightening, and basic develop panel edits in Lightroom.  Edits will be based on your personal editing style and stay consistent with your brand.

do i have to commit to a contract?

We will sign a contract to firm up our partnership; however, either party may terminate the contract at any time with written notice.  

what edits are included in your service?

Preset application, cropping and straightening, and basic develop panel edits in Lightroom.  Edits will be based on your personal editing style and stay consistent with your brand.

do you offer additional services?

Yes!  I offer culling is $0.05 per image.  I also offer brushwork and detailed filters for an additional $0.20 - $0.50 per image depending on the complexity of the edit.

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